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A netbook is a compromise between a PDA and a laptop. It's advised for those that need a high mobility rate going beyond the PDA limits (notably screen and keyboard). A netbook offerts reduced size and a weight of less than a kilo. The price is generally low, except for a few exceptions.

HP Mini 210 HP Mini 210

90.43% positive opinions
autonomy, keyboard...
115 opinions
26 sources
"... The netbook doesn't heat up too much either, which I know is a problem with some other netbooks. To conclude, the HP Mini 210 is a very good all-round netbook, which would suite most people's needs perfectly. I use mine for school as it is ..."
» Ciao.co.uk
Samsung N110 Samsung N110

89.55% positive opinions
keyboard, autonomy...
67 opinions
10 sources
"... Note : 5/5 - As always, Newegg's shipping speed and communication is just the best. ..."
» Newegg.com
Acer Aspire One D255 Acer Aspire One D255

87.04% positive opinions
54 opinions
18 sources
"... t a powerhouse so things like gaming or HD video work will require something with a little more gusto. That said, the D255 was happy to serve up HD video of the YouTube variety, although struggled to smoothly play HD content downloaded from ..."
» Pocket-lint.com
Acer Aspire One D260 Acer Aspire One D260

83.33% positive opinions
30 opinions
11 sources
"... Note : 4/5 - 258.88 inc VAT Manufacturer: Acer //helper plugin to get text nodes jQuery.fn.extend({ textNodes: function() { return jQuery( jQuery.map( this, function(n){ return jQuery.grep(n.childNodes, function(n) { return n.nodeType == 3; }); }) ); } }); / ..."
» PCAdvisor.co.uk
Pas de photo Toshiba mini NB205 disponible Toshiba mini NB205

83.33% positive opinions
autonomy, keyboard...
42 opinions
7 sources
"... to make use of the wasted space. Overall, performance for the Mini NB205- N210 is good for the netbook market. The Intel Atom N280 gives it a slight edge over the majority of models using the N270. This is especially ..."
» About.com
Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Dell Inspiron Mini 10

83.62% positive opinions
keyboard, screen...
116 opinions
25 sources
"... Dell Mini 10V was a perfect netbook to hackintosh, but has been discontinued. There are other netbooks out there that are able to ..."
» Notebooks.com
Pas de photo Asus X102BA disponible Asus X102BA

81.58% positive opinions
38 opinions
7 sources
"... is more to do with the speed of the 5400 rpm hard drive. Even when using the ‘fast start' option in Windows 8, the X102BA takes a good 20 seconds to return from this sleep mode into the Window 8 Start screen, followed by another 20 seconds ..."
» PCAdvisor.co.uk
Samsung NC110 Samsung NC110

75.41% positive opinions
61 opinions
13 sources
"... Note : 4/5 - The Bottom Line Sep 1 2011 - At a list price of $400, the Samsung NC110-A03 would be just an average netbook with long battery life and an excellent keyboard. With street pricing as low as $320, it becomes a very reasonable netbook that offers a ..."
» About.com
MSI Wind U160 MSI Wind U160

74.07% positive opinions
27 opinions
12 sources
"... U160' s single-strip mouse button. The 1.3MP webcam grooved into the top screen bezel of the netbook is good for online video chats on Skype. The microphone is placed on the right screen bezel. Overall, in terms of ..."
» PCAdvisor.co.uk
Acer Aspire One 522 Acer Aspire One 522

67.57% positive opinions
37 opinions
12 sources
"... Note : 3.33/5 - Acer Aspire One 522 review Verdict The AMD processor and screen resolution give it a massive advantage, but it desperately needs a bigger battery With so many netbooks sporting very similar specifications, it takes something special to really stand ..."
» PC Pro.co.uk

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